What a better period of the year than Spring to visit Seville???. And which is the most suitable month to visit Andalusia?…Yeaaaah, that is April!!. And here we are close to enter into the wonderful week, when we celebrate the April Fair, Feria de Abril.

Depending on the Moon Calender, and always after Easters, the April Fair is the starting point of the best period of the year in Seville….the Winter is already gone, and it isn´t so hot as we normally suffer in Summer. Most of the threes and plants start to blossom and the most beloved flower during spring time is the “azahar”, the one from the orange threes. Its fragrance and sensuality, evoking a past time where the first Arabs brought this tree from the Far East and its taste for the enjoyment and care of your senses.

And Seville makes the tourist to go back to those times through a huge variety of different kind of threes and plants, many of them taken from South America after the arrival of spanish people to the new continent.

So, please, succumb to the pleasures of the senses while loitering around the historic center of Santa Cruz and Murillo Gardens….and let your imagination fly, enjoying every single minute of your visit.

In case you are exactly in the same week, as we celebrate April Fair….go to the Los Remedios quartier during daytime and live this unique week where we still visit the area riding a horse or wearing the traditional dresses, while you enjoy one nice drink called “Rebujito” with the classical tapas, listening to the local music, “sevillanas”. So colorful moment that you will never forget the experience.

And the best way to do it …it is through “SEVILLA EXPERIENCIAS”.

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