Already 11 days in this new year 2015… and I still have the feeling it is going to be a good year for the tourism here in Seville. Maybe it´s because the last two years were marvellous for the statistics in this branch, or just because the daily sun shines up there and it makes to be always optimistic in this southern european land.

The fact it is that from “Seville Experiences” will try to reach you in different languages to give you some information, pieces of advice, orientation about Seville, so that you are ready to take over the city anytime you want to visit us. Of course, it is a destiny where you can find so much about history, culture, etc but we want to show another side of the city and its citizens, a more alternative side with off-track activities that are called to be you personal “experience” in our city.

Hopefully, you are going to like what you read, having the desire of arriving to this spot with the good energy of meeting new people, teaching us what you are and taking with you all the good moments that you are going to live, experience with us.

Feel really warm welcome to this blog, to this site…to your “Seville Experience”.

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